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A technical description of the grammar of Dieri (written Diyari in the linguists’ spelling) for an academic audience was published in Austin 1981. A revised version of this grammar (Austin 2013) using the same spelling system we use on this blog and in all the recent Dieri language materials is available as a free PDF from Peter Austin — write to if you want a copy.

Some stories in Dieri were published by Austin & Murray 1981, and Austin 1986. There is a discussion of Dieri literacy in Austin 1986. There is a biography of Ben Murray, an important Dieri speaker,  in Austin, Hercus & Jones 1988. The Reuther manuscript was published as Reuther 1981. For information on Rev. Reuther and the Killalpaninna mission see Jones & Sutton 1986, and Stevens 1994.

Austin, Peter 1981 A grammar of Diyari, South Australia. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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Austin, Peter 1986 ‘Diyari language postcards and Diyari literacy’. Aboriginal History, 10:175–190.
Austin, Peter K. 2013 A grammar of Diyari, South Australia. Second edition. London: SOAS, University of London.
Austin, Peter, Luise A. Hercus & Philip Jones 1988 ‘Ben Murray Parlku-Nguyu-Tangkayiwarna’. Aboriginal History, 12:115-188.
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Reuther, J.G. 1981 The Diari. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies.
Stevens, Christine. 1994 White Man’s Dreaming: Killalpaninna Mission 1866-1915. Melbourne: Oxford University Press.

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  1. Hi there, I am Yandruwandha, and it’s so good to see you mob teaching your language, my great-grandfather was Benny Kerwin, he was raised by his mother’s father, an old Yandruwandha man named Danpili, the whitefellas called him Jimmy Mariner, he was the last or second last old man of the Innamincka Yandruwandha, ngali nhuli yandharla – me and you talking! my name is Aaron Paterson, have a great day.

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