NAIDOC 2017 Dieri yawarra mandru

This week, 2nd to 9th July 2017 is National NAIDOC Week. The theme this year is “Our Languages Matter”. Around Australia, there will be national celebrations of the importance, resilience and richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

On the Dieri Yawarra blog this week we present a traditional story in the Dieri language — this is the only traditional story that was able to be recorded in the 1970s from the language teachers who grew up in Dieri country. All other Dieri stories have been lost because of the impact of Christian missionaries from the 1860s onwards.

Here is Part Two of the story (click to see Part One). First we give the words in Dieri and then a translation into English. If you want to study the structure of each sentence in this part of the story you can download a PDF that gives the word-by-word translation and grammatical structure.

Dieri Story — Part Two

Kardiyali wama dukarayi.
Ya malthingankarna.
Nhungkarni nhuwa yathayi.
Ngali kankuyali mawali nganayi.
Thariyali kalapayi.
Walya karlkalumayi, nganthi malthirirnanthu.
Pula kuthariyi.
Thariyali nganthi wardungankarna, thariyali waniyi, thayilha.
Ngardanhi yingkiyi, nhuwa nhungkarnali thayirnanthu.
Kakuyali kanku yingkiyi nganthi, nhinha thayirnanthu.
Ngardanhi nhungkarni kardi mara wirriyi, dukaralha nhungkangundru marnandru.
Yaruya nhawu kanku mawali nganayi.
Kakuyali ngardanhi kurukuru yingkiyi nhinha nhangkarni ngathata kanku.
Kardiyali marla dukarayi.
Ngardanhi thana yirtyiyi, wapalha.
Ngardanhi thana paya kuparru nhayiyi.
Kardi yathayi kankunhi, patharanhi karirnanthu.
Miri kariyamayi warlaya, kapi manilha.
Ngarda nhawu kanku kathiyi, pirta ngarla miririrna thararnanhi.
Nhawu miritha tharingarna tharriyi.
Ngarda pula waparna kurrayi.

English Translation

The brother-in-law took out some carpet snake (from the fire).
And cooled (it).
His wife said.
“We two are hungry, the boy and I.”
The young man answered (her).
“You two wait a while for the meat to cool down!”
Breaking up the meat, the young man began to eat (it).
Then he gave (some meat) to his wife to eat.
The elder sister gave the boy meat to eat.
Then his brother-in-law’s hand went in and took (it) out of his mouth.
Thus the boy was hungry.
Then the elder sister secretly gave (some meat) to her younger brother.
The brother-in-law took more (meat) out (of the boy’s mouth).
Then they got up to go.
Then they saw some young birds (in a nest in a box tree).
The brother-in-law told the boy to climb the box tree.
“Climb up above to the nest to get the eggs!”
Then the boy climbed but the tree went up and up (at the same time).
He went up and up at the top (of the tree).
Then the other two went away.

<To be continued …>

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