Kanku mawakantyi

Here is the continuation of the story from the previous cartoon. It uses words and grammar discussed in the last blog, plus a couple of expressions introduced earlier (click to open a larger version in a new window):


Can you work out what the boy wants from his mother now? You might find it useful to go back and review the previous cartoon and blog post.

Here are a few additional words you might need:

  • minhandru ‘why?’ — this consists of minha ‘what’ and the ending -ndru ‘from’
  • minha kurnu ‘something’ — this is made up of minha ‘what’ and kurnu ‘one’
  • ngathata ‘younger brother or sister’
  • pirki-rna ‘to play’
  • pirna ‘big, a lot’
  • puka ‘vegetable food’ — this covers any food that is not nganthi ‘meat’ so includes bread, damper, vegetables, fruit, cereals, beans, and rice

We will give the dialogue, translation, and discussion for this cartoon in the next blog post.

Note: To translate the title of this post you might want to review this previous post.

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