Nganhi marda padni

Today’s blog post features another cartoon that contains some ordinary everyday use of the Dieri language.


Here is the dialogue in Dieri. See if you can work out what it means in English (Hint: look back at the previous blog post — some extra new words you might need are given at the bottom of this page, along with some links to where you can find out about the grammar for these words).

Boy: ngandri! ngandri!
Mother: minha yundru ngantyayi?
Boy: nganhi mawali nganayi
nganha marda yingkiya
Mother: nganhi marda padni
karari wata ngathu marda ngamalkayi
yini karlkamayi thangkuparnayarlu

New words

  • karlka-rna ‘to wait’ — for grammar click here
  • marda ‘stone, money’
  • mawa ‘hunger’ — for grammar click here
  • ngamalka-rna ‘to have’
  • nganha ‘me’ — transitive object form (for grammar click here)
  • padni ‘no, none’
  • thangkuparna ‘later, tomorrow’ — for grammar click here
  • yingki-rna ‘to give’ — for grammar click here

In the next blog post we will give the translation and discuss this cartoon. In the meantime, try to work out how the Dieri language is being used for yourself.

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