Yawarraya pipa mandru

Back in February we published a blog post about the Dieri dictionary that Peter Austin is preparing as part of the DAC ILS project. Peter has been doing further work on the dictionary since then and has added more information, including examples and sub-entries under the main entries, as well as notes on Dieri culture (for an example, look at the sub-entry for thina malthara in the sample below). The dictionary has three parts to it:

  1. Dieri-English section organised in alphabetical order according to the Dieri words, with their English translations, explanations, examples, and cross-references
  2. English-Dieri section that lists English words in alphabetical order and their Dieri equivalents, but with less detail about meanings and uses
  3. Categories section organised according to meanings, so all the words for particular topics and concepts are grouped together

Here is an example page from the latest version of the Dieri-English section:


The main body of the dictionary now has 100 pages and is planned for final checking next month and, hopefully, for printing soon after.

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