Ngayana kirririrna warayi Dieri yawarra yathalha


The second ILS-funded Dieri Aboriginal Corporation language revival workshop was held in Port Augusta on 16th and 17th March. About 40 Dieri community members attended from Broken Hill, Lyndhurst, Whyalla and Port Augusta. Peter Austin flew over from Canberra and he and Greg Wilson drove up from Adelaide to help with the two-day workshop.

Greg Wilson explaining Dieri songs

Greg Wilson explaining Dieri songs

There were several activities carried out at this workshop, including:

  • language learning sessions, where we learnt words and how to use them in sentences in context
  • translation and performance of songs, including some for children as well as the Johnny Cash song “Folsom Prison Blues”
  • curriculum and materials planning and development for a Dieri language programme that will begin at Wilsden Primary School in April. Four weeks of lessons for the programme were mapped out and materials developed


A feature of this workshop was the participation of four generations of Dieri, from great grandmothers to small children. The primary school children were especially keen participants.

The older boys had a great time. Some of them recorded videos of the song performances and uploaded them to Facebook before the workshop was over.

Using mobile phones to video singing

Using mobile phones to video singing

The next ILS workshop is planned for Adelaide in early April.

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