Wardaru yura?

Welcome to the Ngayana Dieri Yawarra Yathayilha blog. This blog is dedicated to supporting the Dieri language that belongs to the east of Lake Eyre in the far north of South Australia.

The name of the blog is made up of four words in the Dieri language:

Ngayana means ‘we all including you’

Dieri is the name of the language and the people who speak it (the word for person is karna so a Dieri person is Dieri karna

Yawarra means ‘language’

Yathayilha means ‘speaking now’. It is made up of three parts: yatha means ‘speak’, yi means ‘doing now’ (also called ‘present tense’) and lha means ‘new information’.

This is a sentence in the Dieri language and is the way we refer to the activities now going on to support and spread Dieri. You can also use it to mean ‘Let’s all speak Dieri language’.

The title of this particular blog post is a greeting in Dieri — it means ‘how are you?’. It is made up of:

wardaru which means ‘how’

yura means ‘you all’

In the Dieri language there are three ways of saying ‘you’: yini means ‘you’ when talking to one person, yula or yudla means ‘you’ when talking to two people, and yura means ‘you’ when talking to many people. So we have:

  • Wardaru yini? means ‘How are you (one person)?’
  • Wardaru yula? means ‘How are you (two people)?’
  • Wardaru yura? means ‘How are you (many people)?’

On this blog we will be presenting news and stories about Dieri language and our activities.

3 thoughts on “Wardaru yura?

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